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How you as a Business Should Increase Your Instagram Followers

How you as a Business Should Increase Your Instagram Followers

By on Jul 29, 2016 in Market Research | 0 comments

Instagram has quickly blown up to be one of the most popular social media platforms out there. It focuses purely on photos which is perhaps why it appeals to so many people. Many businesses and private individuals use instagram to show off their highlights, businesses in general will use it to advertise their products to boost profits. The effect of social media is incredibly powerful and of course everyone want’s lots of followers.

If you want to boost your following organically there a few essential steps you must follow. Firstly it’s important to have a profile picture. Not having a profile picture makes you seem like a fake account or an account not to be trusted with. It’s important that this picture shows you in a professional manner.

The next step is to have a captivating bio. This is a short sentence about yourself. Something that grabs someones attention means they will be more likely to follow you. If the instagram page is for your company then you can use the bio to describe what the company is all about in a few words. Not having a bio can put off users from following your account since it may come across as bland and generic.

Another crucial factor in whether your Instagram account is successful or not will be the regularity in which you post photos to the social media platform. It’s ideal to find a happy medium between over posting and never posting at all. If you rarely post content, then users will get bored of your page and may unfollow you. If they see you don’t have much content on your page then they feel that it may not be worth following your account. On the other hand however overposting can lead to unfollowers as well. This is generally when you post many times in a day. Instagram is used to show off your highlights rather than everything. This can clog users feeds and may lead to them unfollowing you. A post every few days is the ideal time to maximize the utility of your instagram account.

If your business has a website or blog, it is important to link your instagram account in a place where it is very visible. This is crucial because it means that users interested specifically in your content will then be likely to visit your instagram page and follow you. Having a banner on your website is ideal since it would make it very visible to every user who was interested in your business.

One final way to get followers on your instagram account is to cross link your account with other social media. Most people use more than social media platform. The most popular platforms are Facebook & Twitter. If you share your instagram posts on your other social media platforms then this could increase your followers drastically since it will give awareness to your instagram account to a much wider audience.

Gaining followers through organic means is not easy. It takes time and effort to achieve the goals you have in mind for your instagram account. If you want to take a shortcut we provide a service in which you can purchase fake instagram followers.

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