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How Facebook Changed Online Advertising Forever

How Facebook Changed Online Advertising Forever

By on Aug 5, 2016 in Market Research | 0 comments

Facebook is an immensely popular social media platform. It boasts over a billion users. That is a 1/6th of the population and that is an incredible feat in it self. Facebook is popular with all ages, genders races. Whereas other social media platforms have some sort of a niche age group, Facebook dominates with everyone. This gives it immense power in the advertising game and it has already caused a seismic shift is the way online advertising works.

Facebook caused a shift in where the focus switched from mass advertising to more personal advertising. It meant that instead of having to target everyone with their adverts, businesses could instead hone in on their target market niche with close precision. This was good for both the consumer and the business since it meant that consumer was more likely to see relevant adverts in things they may be interested in and the business was therefore more likely to see a sale. This stretched out to products, solutions and information in general.

The owner of Mark Zuckerberg made sure that Facebook would be a very immersive experience for the user. Because of this over time Facebook manages to collect a hell of a lot information about you, you interests, your friends interests and mutual interests. Because of this it could develop powerful algorithms to create the most accurate targeted adverts the world had seen. The ads were based on sex, race, education, relationship status, political views and so much more. This was the beginning of real one to one marketing which was progression from the previous ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

Facebook has created an environment which allows businesses of all sizes to be able to interact with their consumers. They can therefore post important details or news about the business. This is very useful for the company since it gives them a user friendly place to present ideas to their customers. It also means they can acquire feedback and use this to improve their own service. It means they can improve on the methods within Facebook they use to advertise their products or services and change their approach based on the feedback given. Businesses are able to then advertise new offers and promotions directly to the people who would be most interested in such things. The user can also share these ‘posts’ that company might make which means it would be visible to all of their friends. This is exceedingly good for a company since it means in essence the user is doing some of the advertising for them.

This changed the advertising game because it meant a user could be kept in constant communication with the company whenever they were on Facebook. No brand has ever been able to exercise that amount of power before.  They could broadcast new products or services and would know that it would reach a mass audience almost instantly. Facebook offered a huge advertising opportunity simply due to ‘word of mouth effect’. It is a very social platform and users are constantly sharing and talking about companies through the platform.

Overall the Facebook era has completely redefined online advertising and continues to push new boundaries.

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