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How to Build Effective Engagement on Social Media Sites

How to Build Effective Engagement on Social Media Sites

By on Aug 19, 2016 in Market Research | 0 comments

To get the maximum benefit out of social media platforms, you must properly engage with your followers and friends. This is important for business and personal accounts like, although the audience would be changed. The methods used will differ for each social media platform since they are unique in the way they represent information and also the way in which you interact with your audience.

Twitter is based upon 140 character ‘tweets’ which are pieces of text used to convey certain information. The platform can also be used to post images. The system works with you ‘following’ accounts you may be interested in and conversely users that want to engage with your content will you ‘follow’ you. It is a very powerful tool of interaction since any person is able to interact with your ‘tweets’. In order to get the maximum benefit from twitter you should follow these short tips. Firstly you should try to keep tweets short and sweet. The limit is 140 but tweets shorter than that are proven to perform better since they get straight to the point. You should also only tweet during daytime hours since this is when most users are active and if you post content outside these hours they will be missed by your core audience. You should make full use of weekend to post content since this is when social media activity typically spikes due to people being at home. You should also make full use of hashtags in your tweets. This is twitters unique way of highlighting core events that occur in real time. You should aim to send 10-20 tweets a day. This is the perfect amount since it keeps your followers interested without oversaturating. You should also aim to interact with your followers and comment on things you find interesting. This will lead to a closer connection with them and increase engagement.

Instagram is similar to twitter but the key difference is that is only photos. It follows the same basic follower dynamic that twitter uses. There are certain techniques that you can use in order to build an engaged instagram following. You should make full use of ‘shout-outs’. Essentially this is where you post a photo of another brand and in turn they repay the favor. You should do this with an account with a similar niche. This allows to spread your reach to a bigger audience in an easy and simple way. Your caption length in instagram posts is also crucial. You should try to vary it and keep it relevant to the type of post that has been added. For example you shouldn’t post long essays on every photo you post but it may be relevant on some if it tells a deeper story. Likewise short captions all the time signify that photos are not that interesting and this may decrease engagement. Don’t underestimate the power of words. Another way of increasing engagement of your instagram is to promote your posts on other networks such as Facebook.

If you follow all these tips then you can begin to make an improvement in your engagement on social media. However it is a slow process and you must stay patient but dedicated on your social media profiles.

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