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You Should be Using Social Media to Boost Your Job Prospects

You Should be Using Social Media to Boost Your Job Prospects

By on Aug 12, 2016 in Market Research | 0 comments

When applying for a job you may not think your social media profiles will have much impact on your success at the interview. This is false, many employers have started checking up on the social media profiles of potential candidates. There are ways you can help and conversely harm your chances of landing that dream job through the way you present yourself on various social media platforms. This is more commonplace now due to the extreme competitiveness for a job position and the huge numbers that apply for these roles. In order to filter through all the CVs that employers get, they use social media to gauge an idea of what an individual is like outside the workplace and whether their personality traits would be a good fit for the company.

To make sure your social media profiles make a good impression you have to make sure they are professional. This means removing any posts or photos which display you as incompetent or irresponsible. Of course its fine to have pictures with friends enjoying a night out but extreme posts or photos could lead to an employer getting a negative impression about you. You should instead try to post content that you think really shows of your accomplishments whether that’s in a work related setting or not. They should bring out the best of your personality in a positive manner. Your profile should be able to demonstrate what your key strengths and qualifications are. An employer should be able to get a broad sense of what you could potentially bring to the company. Therefore it is important to have your key strengths easily visible within your social media profiles.

Social media can be a very powerful tool in the first stage of applying for a job. They can help you find vacancies in the first place. It is very important to use social media to network with like minded professionals in your field. You should take full advantage to connect with others in your specific industry. This will allow you to learn more about your field and maybe even gain more expertise. More importantly however it will alert you to potential job openings and may mean you can make a positive impression even before the interview stage has begun. You should also be following and interacting with the companies in your specific field. This will mean you will be the first to know, should they be starting a  new hiring cycle. It’s also important to use your social media account to link to interesting and proactive content. You can then use this content to engage in discussions with peers.

However you should not get carried away and start directly asking for a job on social media. This a big red flag to any potential employer. Instead of directly asking them, you can set-up an interesting engaging account. This will mean that they will make the initial move if they see you as a smart well rounded and suitable candidate for the role.

Overall regardless of the specific social media platforms you use and your specific industry, this advice will apply to them all in general. As long as you show professionalism and enthusiasm within these accounts, your chances of finding a job will be boosted.

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